Friday, May 23, 2014

4 x 1km off 3 mins

Well it was time to try and get the heart rate to rocket with some quick km reps. After a 3.2km warm-up I set the treadmill to 2:55/km pace for the first effort. I felt pretty good for the first one, but the heart rate was nowhere near where it should have been (target 162+).

The recovery felt like forever and I cranked up the pace for the second one to 2:53/km pace. Still felt good, although the last 30 seconds was a little tougher - but still the peak HR was way short at around 155.

More of the same - pace now up to 2:51/km for the 3rd. I was definitely blowing a bit harder this time, and I think I got up to around 157/158 - but a fail as far as the session was concerned.

The last one I went up to 2:49/km pace. Again harder still and the HR this time went to 158/159. But still not pushing myself like it was intended.

Lesson learnt - this type of session needs to be done on the track. Or if you do stick to the treadmill then get the incline up. So a bit of a fizzer. I've got some speed though so need to get out there for a race. I may have a look on the calendar to see what's around on Sunday...

All up 11.0kms with the 3.8km warm-down. Then more warming down with a few beers.

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