Sunday, August 05, 2012

Swinford 8km

Out to Swinford today with the cheer squad - my old man and my son.

A couple of kms warm-up. And 8kms warm-down. Here is a report on what happened in between:

Race report

Total 18kms for the day.

That's 100.6kms for the week (5 ton plus weeks on the trot now). I don't feel like I'm running that well the last month or so - perhaps my worst patch since moving to Ireland. I need a couple of decent sessions or a good race to get my confidence back.

More darts and drinking in the evening.


Jane said...

Congrats on a great win and a great time! You are too hard on yourself! You have continued hard training on the back of a very fast marathon and are still winning at all distances! Hats off and arms up (cheering)! Great running!

Anonymous said...

So what point in the race did you stop? Seems a bit strange that this happened!

BeerMatt said...

Thanks for the feeback. I didn't stop, I continued running hard until I got back to near the finish line where I pulled the pin. The route I took after 4kms had me taking a left turn too early and I then re-ran part of the outward section of the course that I had already covered - now running in the opposite direction. Coincidentally I reckon I still ran close to 8km at race pace!