Sunday, August 19, 2012

Almost a solo run

I started my long run at 10:30am. Running solo from Claregalway I ran to the racecourse via Carnmore and bumped into Brian Furey who was also doing a long run (Dublin based but was in Galway for the weekend and had also ran Claregalway the evening before for 5th place).

We ran a loop and a bit of the "Great Race" course together, and then I peeled off to run back to home. All up 27.1kms in 1:57:15 (4:20/km). Pleased to get that over with as I was feeling very tired at the end. I suppose it's explainable when you consider that you've covered more than the marathon distance well inside the space of 24 hours.

I make that 100.6kms for the week. A decent 7 week block of training behind me now averaging over 100kms per week during that time. I'm going to wind back the volume now and try and freshen up as much as possible for the half in exactly 2 weeks time.

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