Thursday, August 16, 2012

18 minute tempo

The plan called for 18 minutes at 3:19/km pace. I ran 3.5km as a warm-up to the start of where I have been doing my tempo runs. Again the wind was strong but to compensate that I had cut out the worst part of the course where I'd be running directly into a headwind.

I felt good from the off. I was ticking along nicely and at the first checkpoint where anything under 12 is good - I was 11:20 - so I continued to push on. The last couple of minutes were tough as I hit a windy section but at the end of the 18 minutes the Garmin showed 5.57kms and that works out at 3:14/km pace.

Finishing up with 4.3kms warm-down for 13.4kms all-up.

My Dad's last day today before flying back to England. So out in the evening for a meal and a few more beers. Which is nice.

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