Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monster track session

Tonight it was out to the track at Dangan. Conditions were good - very still and humid but a little light rain at the end of the session helped to cool things down.

The usual 3.5km warm-up. The session tonight was very half marathon specific:

4 to 6 by 2km

Recovery was 2 minutes after the first km, 90 seconds between the 2km reps, and a further 2 minutes before the final km. The plan called for them to be run at 10km pace so for me that was around 3:14 to 3:15 per km pace.

I initially thought I'd run 4 x 2km. I didn't feel too bad after 4 so I upsized to 5. I was then talked into doing the 6th one...that made it a total of 14kms for the session (35 laps!).

Here are the times:


Pretty happy with that. Exactly what I needed to do. Felt strong throughout. The only negative was that I wouldn't have been able to run them any quicker - still no speed in the legs.

I finished up with another 5 laps of the track as a warm-down (up to 40 laps by this stage). That's 19.5kms for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Beermatt, you're absolutely flying it. I can see a sub 70 coming in the National Half! Perhaps even a top 3!