Tuesday, August 21, 2012

16 x 400 off 30 seconds

Track night. Numbers were a bit thin as the middle distance runners were taking a break. Still the usual suspects were in attendance to make sure there was no slacking off.

Usual warm-up of 3.5km. Then a few strides. The track was damp but the rain had just about held off and these was only a bit of wind on the final bend to deal with. Not bad.

This session wouldn't phase me but the short 30 seconds recovery meant that you didn't want to start too quick as there was a chance of a mushroom cloud. I decided to try and run them at 3k pace so anything around 72 seconds per lap I'd settle for. Here are my times:

73/73/72/72/71/70/71/70/71/71/70/71/71/71/71/67 (average 71)

A good set. I felt comfortable throughout until the last couple but by then you could see the finishing line. I have really missed doing this type of session and I find them much more enjoyable than the longer reps on the track. Perhaps it was just the novelty value of some shorter stuff. Anyway I plan to do more of this training next year to try and get some of my speed back.

Just a quick comment on the 30 seconds recovery. It seems more like 10 seconds....finish the lap, turn around and time to start again.

Same warm-down of 3.5kms to give me 13.4kms for the day. A good sharpening session under the belt.

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