Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2km, 2 x 1km, 5 x 400m

Track session. Quite windy and the threat of rain. Bog standard warm-up of 3.5kms and then into the session outlined in the title. We were to get 90 seconds recovery after the 2km and the 1kms, then 60 seconds between the 400's. Quite generous. The speed was to be target 10km, 5km and 3km pace as we dropped down the distances.

Here were the times:

2km 6:23 (3:14,3:09)
2 x 1km 3:01, 3:01
5 x 400m 71, 72, 71, 72, 70

Probably pushed the 1kms a little too hard. But after that the last 400m reps felt very comfortable.

Same warm-down of 3.5kms. All up 13.0kms for the day.

A good session. There was a strong group of us running together tonight and everyone was ticking along nicely. Hopefully a good sign for Sunday.

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