Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not track

No time to visit the track tonight (airport run to pick up my Dad) so was faced with running the mile reps in Claregalway. Very poor conditions after a glorious day yesterday - lots of rain and wind to deal with. I decided on a new stretch of road to run the reps, flat as you'd get on a country road and pretty straight. The trouble was one direction was straight into the wind, plus there were lots of puddles to dodge. I don't think my heart was really in this session from the start...

I ran a 2.7km warm-up, and then planned to used the Garmin in interval mode to record the 1,600m efforts. Odd number reps were into the wind. Here are the times:

1) ??? - didn't start the watch, had to guess the distance and probably ran about 1,500m - no idea of time
2) 5:11
3) estimate 5:20 - thought I'd reached the end of the rep but had pulled up 100m short, had to start running again after stopping for about 10 seconds...
4) 5:12
5) 5:18
6) 5:08

A very tough slog. After having a nightmare with the watch I got annoyed and channelled my frustration into the last 3 reps where I went okay. Soaked at the end - at the start I was trying to dodge the puddles but near the end I just didn't have the energy and just ploughed straight through them. Also still struggling with the dead leg. Lots of excuses.

A warm-down of 2.5kms. All up 14.7kms. I'd say I averaged about 5:14 for each "mile" and that's below 3:15/km pace. Probably quite good going all things considered.

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