Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3 x 12 minutes

The track was out of action tonight due to county races so I decided to run locally for this session. Another windy old evening and there was no avoiding it so it was going to hamper certain legs of the run.

The recovery was 3 minutes and after 3.4kms warm-up I was good to go. I started where I normally run my 5 minute efforts but kept running the same direction for the full 12 minutes. It was a tough start running gradual uphill for 4 minutes, then 8 minutes running directly into the wind. Pace 3:28/km.

The second effort was much easier as I simply did the same section in reverse with the benefit of the wind/course. Pace 3:23/km.

The last effort I decided to run 6 minutes out, then turn and run back. Again the first 6 minutes were tough and I deliberately turned just over 6 minutes as I knew I could run the second half quicker. That's how it turned out and I probably ran the last 6 minute at below 3:20/km pace as my average for the 12 minutes was 3:23/km.

The same 3.4kms slow run home to give me 17.5kms for the day. Done and dusted. A good session in tough conditions with close to 11kms run at a decent clip.

In other news England hammer the Aussies 4-0 in the one day series. It's getting a bit boring now - they can't even give us a decent game!

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