Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 2 done and dusted

Just myself and Owen today out at Roscam. A similar run to last Sunday but we changed the route a little out in Maree to run some of the 8km course. All 4 seasons of weather today. Very odd.

We deliberately took it nice and easy. I wanted to test the leg (seemed a little tight but fine). All up 26.7kms in 2:02:26 (4:35's). I felt much better than last week come the end of the run - probably due to the more relaxed pace.

That's exactly 111kms for the week (Nelson). A couple of tidy weeks in the bank.


John said...

Tidy week there beermatt. I'm currently stuck on 2:33 for 800m reps at the moment, any tips to get faster? Is it a case of running 400 or 600 reps or running more miles in the week?

BeerMatt said...

I tend to find that progression is stepped rather than linear. You keep plugging away and then all of a sudden you move up a level. Sure more miles and some speedwork would help, but give it a few more weeks first and see what happens. Good luck with the training!