Tuesday, July 03, 2012

When the boat comes in

The Volvo round the world boats arrived overnight at the finish line here in Galway. This event has pretty much taken over the town for the next week or so. I'd say a few of the crew members will be very thirsty...

Not great weather. It juiced down all day but seemed to clear in the evening leaving conditons very damp but overall cool and calm. I got stuck in traffic on the drive to the track so had to abondon the car the wrong side of the river and then run to the track. About 3kms later I was good to go.

The session was 5 x 1600 off 60 seconds. I wanted to run close to 5 minute miles. The times were as follows:


Happy enough with that. A slow 3rd rep but I managed to recover for the 4th one and then another slow one to finish with. A tough session off only a miniute. The legs and breathing felt fine but it didn't seem to be quite gelling tonight. Ideally I'd be a second a lap quicker to get them in and around 5 minutes and I guess the wet track might be worth that? I was running solo also so that makes it that bit tougher.

I then ran 4 laps of the track as a warm-down then ran the additonal 3kms back to the car. All up 15.6kms for the day.

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