Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quick Turnaround

Out at Dangan for a long run. I met with Fintan and Brian and we started off with a lap of the pitches. Brian had to pull the pin with a dodgy Achilles so that left me and Fintan. We ran out to Barna, then down through Salthill before returning to Dangan.

The time was 1:59:00. Distance is an estimate based on pace - it wasn't quick and I think we were ticking along at just under 4:30/km pace. I reckon 26.5kms is about right.

That's 105.8km for the week. That's 4 weeks on the trot now where I've cracked the ton - to be honest it feels like I'm back in marathon training. I have felt really tired the last month and despite a few decent runs here and there, I think my general form is not where it should be. I'm certainly not running as well as I was this time last year. Hopefully it will all come good soon. I just need a decent run to get my confidence back...

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