Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 x 800m

A mid afternoon run in Clane. I decided to run outside as the weather didn't look too bad - very still and damp but quite humid. I used my 20 minute warm-up to try and find a suitable course to run my 800s, anything would do - as long as it was safe enough. By chance I stumbled upon a tarmac path down by the river which was about 1.3km in length. Perfect.

I'd set up the Garmin to run my intervals - 800m by 8 off 60 seconds recovery. I was using the path out and back - it was quite flat, perhaps crown shaped so a slight uphill, then a flat section, then downhill at the end. The outwards section was perhaps a little easier. Here are the times:

2:36 (!!!), 2:29, 2:29, 2:29, 2:27, 2:26, 2:26, 2:26

Despite a slow start I was very happy with those times. Perhaps one of the better sessions I have done of late. Again I was feeling tired but that wasn't reflected in the times. The shirt came off after the first 4 - it was that humid and I'd worked up a sweat like I was back on the treadmill.

I finished up with a 3.1km warm-down. All up 12.8kms for the day. Then out in the evening for more socialising...

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