Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Shift

No track today - I've moved this to Thursday from now on. Instead I ran some 5 minute efforts locally (total 6) in fading light. Warm-up and down were 2.3km. All up 13.9km. I used my short mile course. Here are the times:


A stiff cross-wind to deal with which slowed the even number reps more than the odds. Legs constantly feel sore/heavy. Time for a massage.

Darts in the evening. Another 180 fest in practice but I wasn't getting too excited. It was a cup match and we were away. I played okay and won both my pairs and singles hitting a 118 check-out to wrap up my singles match. Overall we won 5-2 to progress to the next round. League resumes next week.


Unknown said...

118 checkout is very impressive. What was your combo?

BeerMatt said...

treble 20, single 18, double top...

Anonymous said...

World class combo Matt
Dave S