Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Masters

I decided to try and get a long run on the board. Up early after a late night in the pub so not ideal preparation. More focus required...

Met with Brian and Barry at Dangan. We started with some laps of the pitches then headed into town to do the Cathedral Run. The pace was gradually lifted but not too quick. At about 1hr 40 I was dead on my feet and about 5 minutes shy of 2 hours we were back at Dangan. Determined to get 2 hours up we added on an extra loop eventually covering 17 miles in 2:02:30. That's 27.4km in new money (4:30/km pace).

Certainly not a confidence booster as I felt tired throughout. But at least it's a start and a decent week of training in the bag. I must be training hard as I feel absolutely exhausted.

A total of 109.8km for the week. Three figure weeks need to become a habit. Plus 18 days of training on the bounce.

So with Judd out of the Masters it leaves Robertson Vs Murphy in the final. I'd like Murphy to win but I think Robertson will be too strong.

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