Friday, January 27, 2012

Struggling On

I trotted out for an easy run and nearly had to pull up in the first few minutes as the back as the top of my left hamstring/buttock was very sore - it almost felt like a strain. After about 10 minutes I could start to run more freely but it still wasn't great. Anyway 11.4kms in 48:12 (4:14/km pace). A reminder that I still need to get a massage...

New runners were used today. I won a pair of Saucony runners for the Noriwch Half and I could choose anything in the Saucony range. I went for a pair that I was told would be similar to my normal Asics 2160's. I think they are called Progrid 5's and they seemed very comfortable to wear. I'll continue to use them for the next few weeks and see how I go.

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