Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Almost Miles

Today was another repeat session from last week. A total of 6 x 5 minutes with a reduced recovery of 60 seconds. Using my short mile course I completed the session with the following times:


A very nasty wind to deal with on the even number reps. I was working harder than the outward sections but was running around 20 seconds slower. A good session nonetheless. I've almost come to the conclusion that you should ignore the watch when the wind is blowing as the slow times are depressing...

All up 15.0kms with warm-up/down.

League darts in the evening. I won both my pairs and singles and we somehow managed to scrape a 5-4 win. I was scoring very consistently and the recent time spent on the practice board seems to be paying off. Already 23 x 180s for the year...

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