Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Longer

I met with Brian and Owen for the Sunday long run in damp but mild condtions. A similar route to last week doing some of the Dangan pitches before running the guts of the Cathedral Run. We then added a few extra bits on in the run back to Dangan to get the distance up. All up 29.3kms in 2:10:32 (4:27/km pace).

I felt a lot better than last week but still a long way to go. Happy enough with progress to date and I'm not feeling as tired as my body overcomes the shock of collecting some proper kms.

All up 113.5km for the week. Left hammy/buttock still sore and I will get on top of that this week.

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Anonymous said...

i would recommend you buy a foam roller, it has been a life saver for me..