Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 x 800 off 75 second/200m jog recovery

First track session in an age. Again perfect conditions, and after a 5.4km warm-up it was time to split into groups and line up at the start. I was running with Cian and I lead out all the laps. The first one was a really poor effort, then after that I tried to keep them around the 2:30 mark. It's fair to say I was having to work hard enough to get them around that time - clearly I've lost a bit of speed over the last couple of months which I need to work on.

The times were:

2:33 / 2:31 / 2:29 / 2:30 / 2:29 / 2:29

Lots of running wide which I love! The 200m recovery was a very slow jog in 75 seconds.

A warm-down around the roads (3.7km) to give me 14.9kms for the day. Good to be back on the track but clearly work is needed. Rest day tomorrow and a massage.


Scott Brown said...

Hi Matt just spent the last half hour reading over your exploits as I haven't visited for a while. Great to see you are still the runner you were and running so consistently. You're an inspiration to me and wishing you keep on keeping on. All the best!

BeerMatt said...

Thanks Scott. I really appreciate your feedback!