Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Rock Road

Back to the start of the Rock Road for another hill session. The warm-up was 3.4km and the session was a good bit different to last time in that I was to run 15 x 1 minute uphill and then run back down to the start ready to go again (continuos loops). The difference being the much shorter recovery. I must say this was one of the tougher sessions that I have done.

The total session lasted 35:04 and this shows that after my hard minute of running uphill I was taking about 1:20 to turn at the top, run back down past the start, turn again, then start the next effort. It was quite a breezy day and to make matters worse I was running into the wind as I ran uphill. There was also a nasty lip of the hill at around the 45 second mark which made the last 15 seconds even tougher.

At one point I was asked by a man walking his dog if I got bored running up and down the hill. Bored was not the word I would use to describe my state at that point. Anyway, I finished up with the same warm-down so all up 14.8kms for the day (I put the hill session down as 8km but in all honesty it was probably a bit more than that). Cream crackered now.

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