Sunday, October 23, 2011


I met up with 4 of the Harriers who were putting the finishing touches to their Dublin marathon preparation. The pace was very sluggush but that worked perfectly for me as this was my first long long run in a long long time. I ran 13 miles with them starting and finishing at Dangan basically running the guts of the Cathedral run. It started off dry but by the time we had got back to Dangan it was steady rain. I decided to tag a bit extra on to get me up around 2 hours so I ran the Dangan 5km course used in the Galway series. All up 26kms in 2:01:23 so that's around 4:40/km pace and I was like a drowned rat come the end.

That's 110.0kms for the week. A proper weeks training in the bag and feeling very tired as a result. I think my body is in shock at what I consider to be high mileage but in all honesty is still quite lame.

Off to see Billy Bragg in town tonight...

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