Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doubles and Trebles

It's all about squeezing it in. I managed to get someone to look after the kids for an hour at lunchtime so I hot-footed it out the door and ran my local 16.1km course in 1:03:40 (3:57/km). I felt really good today despite a very stiff breeze and although I wouldn't say I was running easy, it wasn't far short.

That didn't really suffice as a long run so I headed out again in the evening for a much more sedate affair. This time I covered 8.7km running up and down the N17 in a time of 39:29 (4:32/km). The wind had picked up even more by this stage. So I think that's my first double run for the year...

That makes it 101.6km for the week. So that's the treble reference. Again, my first 100km week for a very long time (end of April). I'm very happy with how this week has gone - 3 decent sessions in there and the only disappointing thing being missing the long run though I attempted to make up for that by doubling up. Not sure that has the same training benefit though...

All being well I plan to keep this going for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Fingers crossed.

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