Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back on track

My first track session in 3 weeks. Weather was still poor being very damp. I decided to do a warm-up around the roads (estimate 3.9km) before 3 more laps of the track. Then stretches, drills and strides. The main group were using the pitches for their session so I decided to stay on the track by my lonesome.

Although not an ideal session for half marathon training, I decided to try some 400's. I had it in my mind that I'd lost a lot of speed so I wanted to see where I was at with some shorter stuff and compare my times to similar sessions earlier in the year. I planned on running 12 off 1 minute.

Times were as follows:


Not too bad averaging around 70 per 400. Back in June I got down to 67's but I'm happy enough with today as it was a) better than I expected, and b) quite good considering the track was full of water and quite slippery.

I finished up with another lap of the local roads to give me 13.8km for the day. I'll do some mile reps on the track next week...

Then I headed straight home for a shower and a quick bight to eat then out the door for my darts league debut. The format was 3 pairs and then six singles. I played in the second game of pairs which we won 2-0 (each game is best of 3 legs 501). I played well especially in the second leg hitting a 100 and a 140, before hitting the winning double top. I then played in the third singles match again winning 2-0. I didn't play as well as in the pairs but I finished nicely hitting 86 out for the match. A good debut and hopefully I'll be a bit more relaxed from now on. Our team won 6-3 overall so a nice start to the campaign. A late night for midweek not getting home until gone 1am...

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