Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 x 10 minutes take 2

The same session that I did on October 13th. The only difference being that my recovery was to be 2 minutes instead of 2.5 minutes.

I did a slightly longer warm-up (3.4km) and went straight into it. I felt a bit more comfortable today and my times were a big improvement on the previous session clocking 10:07, 9:57 and 9:57 for the 3 out and back sections. That's over 40 seconds quicker than last time off less recovery. Finally some progress and a session that I'm happy with - it has been a while coming.

I finished up with 3.4km warm-down and a total of 16.1km for the day. I'll be doing lots more of these volume sessions in the coming weeks. The goal being to get between 9 to 12km of quick running around 10km PB pace 2 times each week. So the key sessions for this will be the track on Tuesday and the longer intervals on Saturday. The tempo run on Thursday and long run on Sunday will complete the weekly structure.

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