Sunday, August 28, 2011


With the news that my normal 9.5km loop is no longer accessible due to the bridge crossing the river being rebuilt, I had to look for a new long run. I decided to try another of the local country lanes than joins the N17 to Galway Airport. To make it a loop I had to run on the hard shoulder of the main road for about 5km which isn't much fun with cars whizzing by.

Anyway, I completed the first lap in just over 45 minutes, then decided to run a second loop. All up 22.3kms in 1:31:18 (4:06's).

That's 83.9km for the week. Not a bad week with a couple of decent races. The only thing is that I appear to have picked up a slight side strain. Nothing too serious and should be fine in a few days.

A quick mention of the sport on the weekend. England finally beat Ireland at rugby; Spurs get humiliated for the second time in a week; Mo has a fantastic race in the 10,000m getting pipped on the line. No shame in finishing second Mo - and to finish with a 53 second lap just beggars belief....

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