Monday, August 29, 2011

Angel Delight

After being told that my local loop had been closed, I decided that I had to go and investigate. I added a bit on at the beginning (Rock Rd), then ran up to the bridge which was still there and could be crossed. Strange. I decided to double back anyway as to continue on would mean more than 40 minutes and I only wanted to run for that length of time. All up 9.9km in 40:48 (4:07's).

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had my first Angel Delight in at least 20 years. I spotted them in the supermarket recently and thought I'd try the butterscotch flavour. Bloody lovely. I ate the whole thing in one sitting.

As we move in to September the focus will be on some longer training. I have 2 trips planned. The family is going to Westport for a week at the start of September for a change of scene. Then at the end of the month my old man is taking me to Skiathos for a week for my 40th birthday. That means less racing but fear not, I'll still be training hard.

STOP PRESS - I just checked and there is a half marathon in Westport this weekend. This could just work as a nice training run to mark the start of the trip...umm...

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