Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly intervals

Today was 6 x 3 minutes off 90 seconds. Out on the roads and quite windy so it was going to be a lung buster. Warm-up of 2.8kms then straight into it.

First rep I covered a km and didn't get into my tempo zone. The second one (doubling back - more wind benefit) also a 3 minute km and edged into the zone for the last minute. The next 4 were all in the zone for at least 50% of the time - the pace slowed a little for reps 3 and 5 but still no slower than 3:08 pace and 4 and 6 were also 3 minute km pace.

Same 2.8km warm-down home. All up 11.6kms. Happy with that. Legs felt very tired so to crank out some 3 minute kms on the road was good going.

Dad over again today for the Galway races....planning to attend Friday evening....

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