Monday, May 14, 2012

Still windy and some London analysis

Local loop of 9.5km in 38:47 (4:05's). The spring seems to be slowly returning to the step just in time for the track session tomorrow.

I had a good luck at my position in the London Marathon at each 5km split. Makes for some interesting reading:

5km 88th
10km 95th
15km 100th
20km 91st
Half 84th
25km 83rd
30km 74th
35km 67th
40km 59th
Full 61st

So despite a poorish second half of the race for myself, I still managed to improve 23 positions after halfway. Some of these must have been drop-outs, but that aside I must have overtaken more people than I gave myself credit for.

One other thing, looking at the positions at halfway, the splits show 27 people in the range of 1:14:00 to 1:14:59. These would be people who I ran with in the big group for the first half of the race. Of them, only 4 went on to get the sub 2:30:

sub 2:30 - 4 (quickest 2:29:12)
sub 2:31 - 3 (me in that group)
sub 2:32 - 4
sub 2:33 - 0
sub 2:34 - 4
sub 2:35 - 2
sub 2:36 - 0
sub 2:37 - 3
sub 2:38 - 0
sub 2:39 - 0
sub 2:40 - 2
2:40 and over - 4 (2:41,2:45,2:46,2:47 - all big blow-ups)
DNF - 1

Not one negative split! So what does that mean? People over-estimating their ability and going off too quick? Probably...but perhaps there is another explanation?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting analysis. No negative splits are fairly normal in a marathon, but there was talk of a headwind in the second half of the race. Perhaps that was a factor?