Thursday, May 17, 2012

Same as last week plus 10%

The session today was a longer tempo run. Last week it was 10km so we upsized to 11km running locally in Claregalway. I ran with Fintan who arrived bright and early (being in the baking trade he is used to early mornings - clearly I am not!). After a 2km warm-up we upped the pace and ran around the back roads. The 11km wasn't particularly comfortable but I survived in a time of 39:13 (3:34's). Then a slow 3.8km run home for 16.8kms in total.

Nice to get these runs out of the way. All done by 8:30am. I'll take tomorrow off as a rest day so I have over 48 hours recovery now before I race on Saturday.


Paddy said...

Do you run these tempos at a particular pace -10 mile pace/half marathon ? thanks.great read by the way , you should publish a book of your blogs!

BeerMatt said...

I guess it's supposed to be at your threshold pace. Looking at the tables (e.g. McMillan) it may be a few seconds per km too slow but I the fact that it's a longer effort probably makes up for that. Good luck with your training.