Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Hairdryer

With temperatures through the roof, it was hard to get motivated today. I put off the run until around 6pm and it was still very hot. Plus it was very windy. I decided to do some 5 minute efforts locally using the same location I normally use...

A 3.6km run to the start and straight into it. The first effort had all of my 3 Achilles heels covered - heat, uphill and into the wind. Despite running hard the time wasn't pretty. The return leg got a lot easier running downhill with wind behind. After this one the shirt came off (serious mode). It was a struggle but the times improved. All off 90 seconds recovery. Here you go:


Happy enough with that. In an ideal world they would all be under 5 minutes (the course is 1.53km) - but when conditions are tough then it's all about the effort level and I certainly wasn't bludging out there.

I finished up with a 2.3km warm-down to give me 14.9kms for the day.

A few pints (cider for a change) and a game of darts in the evening. I hit my first 180 in about a month - just haven't been playing or practising enough...

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