Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Return to the track

After a warm-up around the pitches (3.6km) it was time to make the long awaited return to the track. The session sounded fairly straight forward: 4 x 400 off a minute, 16 minute tempo, 4 x 400 off a minute (with 3 minutes either side of the tempo).
I took the session fairly easy. I decided to run a 5km tempo at 3:20/km pace and the session went as follows:

16:41 for 5km

Finishing off with a 2.0km warm-down to give me 13.8kms for the day. Job done.

Training partner Fintan notched up his first ever win in the 5km series tonight out at Loughrea. A great time of 16:16 and the first of many victories I'd say!

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