Monday, May 07, 2012

Potting balls off the lampshade

Ronnie wins the snooker. Fantastic viewing!

No run today. A rest day before getting back on the horse tomorrow for the Claregalway 5km. It's one of those races where my time could be anything. I'm hoping the competitive streak will kick-in and I can string together a few fast kms...could be tricky as it's a hilly one

I've had plenty of time now to reflect on London. Here's some thoughts on what went wrong:

1) The heat - a little too hot for me (I mentioned this already)

2) The group - a great group for the first half of the race and then solo running the entire second half. I can't explain what happened to the group - it just disintegrated. Being dragged round until 20 miles could have made the difference between sub 2:30 or bust.

3) Nutrition - my carbo load was perfect but I may have missed a trick with my gels. I only used one gel in all my training runs so I wasn't used to them come race day. I really struggled keeping the last couple down during the race. Put simply I don't think my body was used to them (poor planning)

4) Old age - I can't really use this as an excuse as one of the Moroccan elites ran 2:07 finishing 5th overall! Just goes to show what can be done!

If I think of any more excuses I'll let you know...

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