Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 x 1km

Out to Dangan for a track session with Fintan and Owen. We ran a 15 minute warm-up, then straight into the session of 1km reps on the track off 90 seconds. Warm weather and no breeze (perfecto).

I ran them on feel. The first one was a bit sluggish then I seemed to settle into a nice rhythm. I was feeling comfortable then without warning I seemed to be hanging on a bit for the last couple - but by this stage I could see the finishing line and I was determined not to let the pace slide. I should mention that I was getting closer to 100 seconds recovery as we were all starting the rep together.

Times were as follows:


Then over to the pitches to watch the finish of the 5km race. Timmie had a great win cruising home for a comfortable victory. Then a 6.5km warm-down with the victor talking about what a mind-f**k it is when leading races. All up 15.9kms for the day.

Easy running tomorrow, more tempo on Thursday then an easy lead in to Sunday where it looks like I'll give the Sky Road 10km a crack (more of a mountaineering expedition I've been told)...

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