Tuesday, November 01, 2011

8 x 1km off 90 seconds

Track night. Same warm-up as previous weeks (5.1km) then a few dynamic stretches and strides and it was showtime.

Conditions were quite windy but there was no rain in the air. The track was therefore bone dry which seemed to help me no end. I think I've under called how much a wet track can slow you down in the past. Despite feeling tired I seemed to be running a lot more comfortably tonight.

The first couple of reps I was running with Keith which made the start of the session much easier. I then worked in front of him and finished running the last 6 reps by myself. Times were:


Being windy I cheated slightly by starting each rep at the start/finish line which meant you had the benefit of the quick back straight 3 times each rep. So that meant walking diagonally across the oval back to the start after finishing each rep at the 200m mark during the 90 seconds recovery.

Very happy with that as I felt in control throughout. I was running at a quicker pace than the 800's from the previous week. Some of that can be attributed to the extra 30 seconds recovery but that aside I felt much better this evening.

A 3.9km warm-down and 18kms for the day.

Then darts. We were playing in town and we won 6-3. I lost my pairs and won my singles...

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