Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mixing it up

I managed to get out at lunchtime thanks to the brother-in-law who looked after the nippers. This should have been yesterday's session so I've thrown my schedule out again this week.

The session was 5 x 1 mile off 75 seconds. Then 3 minutes recovery. Then 2 x 400m off 60 seconds. As I was running local I had to improvise so I was going to use my 10 minute out and back course for the mile reps and then run for 72 seconds hard to hopefully have me covering 400m.

After a 3.4km warm-up my times were as follows:


As mentioned previosuly the 5 minutes out and back are not 1 mile. Probably just over 1.5km if the truth be known. I really should make the effort to measure them properly as I hate playing the guessing game. That's why I like the track and the fact that the distances and times don't lie.

Moving on - the 72 second efforts were over-cooked by 1 extra second both times. That extra second of training (x2) could make all the difference in just over 2 weeks time....

Then a 2.3km warm-down to give me 14.2kms for the day.

As this week is shaping up into a recovery week I'm considering racing at the weekend to give the body a bit of a test. I have a couple of options with a local 8km on Sunday, or a 10km at Hollymount in Co Mayo on the same day. What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Do them both if time permits? I ran a 12k and 8k fun run 2 weeks before the syd half and im going to do 2 x 8km next week ( 2 weeks before another half, were both racing a half on the same day)
Maybe win the 8km, rest for 2-3 min and run the course again.

The Mingara boys have missed you these last few weeks, had Mark Warrens bucks party and wedding...


Anonymous said...

if you want a bit of competition Jerry Ryan usually runs the Hollymount race

BeerMatt said...

Geoff, I can't do both as the times clash. I've decided on Hollymount as there should be a good field there as Anon mentions. Good luck with the half and let me know how you go. Yep spotted that Mark got wed. Would have loved to have made the bucks. I hear you had a few beers?