Thursday, November 24, 2011

A roight noice place hintut

Another easy run. This time 33:15 with a quick mile thrown in the middle at something close to HMP. Difficult to tell really as the weather was so bad making quick running virtually impossible (a combination of wind and rain that makes your face sting). Plus I was wearing my heavy clogs. Excuses, excuses. Enjoyment factor - less than zero.

That's about it now. I travel to Norwich this evening so will probably be offline until early next week (the internet doesn't yet exist in Norwich). For anyone that is interested the results should be up here on Sunday afternoon.

I can't remember having put so much training into a half marathon before (or any race for that matter). Some decent mileage in the bank and a good recent 10km has given me a lot of confidence. Fingers crossed.


Dave Kane aka 'Kanser' said...

Best of luck Matt, just checked the weather, it will be perfect for the race. On current form you will smash it up.

Dave Kane aka 'Kanser' said...

Well done on the podium finish, looking for to the report..i am assuming wind played a factor in the times.