Friday, November 18, 2011

The Central Governor

An easy run of 9.8km in 43:40 (4:27's).

With regards to the title, this theory suggests that athletic performance is linked closely to what your mind (your central governor) believes is possible from the body. I've been a bit guilty of this in the past when you predict you'll run a certain time for a race and low and behold you run very close to that expectation. The key is to try and ignore your central governor (as I did for the Dublin Marathon in 2010). I'm sure there are many ways and means of doing this. One of these would be to not use your watch and just run on feel.

I know some of the guys in Australia are big on this e.g.Kanser. I would welcome any input you have in regards to this as I certainly think the theory has its merits.

Tough session tomorrow...

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Samurai Running said...

Good to see the Ks tick off close to the pace you expect when you've trained for a marathon at that pace. Gives you lots of confidence. But better to leave the watch at home when you think you are not ready to run fast.

Running on feeling these days will bring better, than expected, results for sure!