Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mr Softee

The weather turned today and what a turn. Very windy plus rain. I had a running slot at lunchtime but there was no way I was going to do my session outside so instead it went like this:

- run to gym (800m)
- straight on to treadmill
- a further 3.2km warm-up
- 3.2km at HMP (3:20/km)
- 3 minutes recovery (700m)
- 3.2km at HMP (3:19/km)
- a 3.2km warm-down
- run back home (800m)

Total running time 59:48 covering 15.2km (ave 3:56/km). I was ticking along quite nicely on the treadmill and boy do you work up a sweat running indoors. I did have the thought that there is no way I can keep the quicker pace up for 21.1kms but that's perfectly normal. No room for those negative thoughts.

Easy run tomorrow, more quick stuff on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. That will be the bulk of the training done.


Brick said...

When/what is your next race?

Brick said...

OK I read that it is a half Marathon and aiming for sub 72.
Location please and when?

BeerMatt said...

Good to hear from you Brick. Location Norwich in England (my home town). Date November 27th.