Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coming into form?

Arrived at the weekly track session for 10 x 800's off 75 seconds. After a 5.5km warm-up and a few strides it was time to get into it. Conditions were absolutely perfect: cool, dry and no wind whatsoever. No excuses at the ready.

The brief was to try and run them under 2:30 (sub 5 minute mile pace). I was on my own today and my times were:


A shocking second lap for the first rep gave me a slow 2:33. But that spurred me into action and I got progressively quicker throughout. I was feeling great and didn't feel like I was running on the limit. A good sign. Eddie jumped in to help me out with the last rep and it made a huge difference to have someone to tuck in behind. I perhaps got a bit carried away but I nice way to finish (average 2:27 per rep).

I finished up with a 3.9km warm-down and 17.4kms for the day.

Later in the evening it was out to Clarinbridge for the darts. We won 6-3 and I won both my pairs and singles game. I hit my first 180 in the league with the first 3 darts of my singles game. The 4th dart was just below the wire which put pay to the 9 darter...next time...


Anonymous said...

Hello Matt,
Just to say I enjoy your blog, keep it going, what is your target time for Norwich?
Best wishes Keith (Cork)

BeerMatt said...

Thanks Keith. My long term goal is to break 70 minutes but I can't see that happening at the moment. I think low 71 is more realistic. Sub 71 I would be very happy with. Good luck with your own running!