Saturday, November 19, 2011

8 x 5 minutes off 1 minute

A beatiful day today. Nice and cool and some winter sunshine with very little breeze. I decided to do the session locally so that meant using my out (slightly uphill) and back (slightly downhill) course. After a 3.4km warm-up I went straight into it.

The first one was a bit sluggish but after that it was very consistent. I was working the uphill section more to keep the times similar:


Legs were getting tired at the end but the times didn't reflect this so that was good. I wasn't running them flat out, just getting used to running close to HMP. The 1 minute recovery felt adequate. My breathing and heart rate would fall quickly during that time ready to knock out the next rep.

I finished up with the same warm-down. All up 19.2kms.

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