Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Same run as yesterday. Time a little slower being 49:32 (4:06s).

I had a game of snooker tonight after dusting off the snooker cue. In the last 15 years it had slightly warped, the ferrule had gone rusty and the tip was non-existent. Plus my eyesight has deteriorated significantly. That's enough excuses to get going with. Despite this, in the second frame there was some old touches of magic. I managed a 41 break and wobbled a red in the jaws to leave me perfect on the black. A long way from my best from about 20 years ago but not bad after a long sabbatical. It would be nice to get a full-size table but sadly not enough room in our house! Maybe next house...so there you have it, the only 3 sports I have any sort of talent for: running, darts and snooker. A lot of people would argue the latter 2 are not sports. Yes they are. Plus you can drink while playing them.

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