Wednesday, January 05, 2011

3rd tough session in 5 days

I headed to track but it was too slippery so we regrouped in the surrounding rugby field for some 2.5 minute efforts with one minute jog recovery. I'd run a very long warm-up of 8.1km and was feeling quite tired but the presence of some good runners soon perked me up.

The efforts were pretty consistent - I was averaging about 720m or thereabouts each 2.5 mins so just under 3:30/km pace. This was good considering the state of the field which was spongy in the odd spot. I had runners behind me the whole time so this was good to keep me honest. At the end of the effort everyone jogged over to the same start point to regroup so there was no lapping other runners to worry about.

I finished up with a 1.6km warm-down and was absolutely knackered. That's 2 races and a tough interval session in the space of 5 days. I'll probably take tomorrow off, then try and easy run on Friday with a longer tempo session on Saturday. Then long on Sunday.

Total 15.5km for the session.

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