Saturday, January 29, 2011

Castledaly 10km

Very cold once again but no wind so after a 4km warm-up it was perfect for running. The course was a 10km loop and after speaking to a few marshals it didn't sound too bad. A few drags but mainly flat I was told....

A small enough field of about 100 hardy souls. The race started with a countdown from 10 (novel!) and we were racing. I went straight to the front and concentrated on following the lead vehicle. The first km was very twisty and soon passed in 3:10 but I was aware of another runner just behind me. We then started to climb which was pretty much the trend for the next 4km. Not a steep climb but a gradual rise that meant you were constantly working hard. This was reflected in the km splits for 2, 3, 4 and 5 of 3:23, 3:24, 3:18 and 3:16 respectively. So I was 16:31 at halfway and felt in decent shape but I was still aware of the runner just behind me.

At 5km the top of the climb had been reached. The next 5km I was hoping would be quick and sure enough the trend was basically downhill for the run home. The 6th km passed in 3:09 after a nice gradual downhill section and then the descent became a little steeper. I was liking this but was conscious that I didn't have the leg-speed to really take advantage of it. Sure enough the 7th km was a 3:16 and should have been a 3 flat. I was hanging on.

The 8th km was another very generous downhill stretch but again I was disappointed to run another 3:16. A further missed opportunity. So 8km in 26:12 so still in with a good shot of a PB with a strong run home. But unlike last week I was spent and didn't have the legs to finish off this race. The 9th km was basically flat and a 3:18 meant I was still there or thereabouts but my mindset was that any slight hill in the last km was going to finish me. Sure enough there were 2 or 3 slight climbs up to the finish and that put pay to my time as I crossed the line in 32:48. That's 4 seconds slower than last Sunday....

I was slightly downbeat post race but I have to take a lot of positives from this race. It was definitely a tougher course. I didn't feel as fresh. 2 sub 33's in 7 days. Another win (just - by 15 seconds or so)!

It's a horrible feeling have someone run just behind you all race. Never sure what the hell is happening!

I finished up with a 3km warm-down. All up 17km for the day. Back to the sports hall for hot soup, bread and 6 (six) Kit Kats. Lovely. My prize today - wine. Finally something I can put to good use.

So the next race will be the XC a week tomorrow. It's a 10km course and I'll take a sub 35 if offered.


Anonymous said...

Matt, do you do a long run?? i just had a quick look back through some older posts and alot of the runs were 40min 10kms, anything longer like 1h 30?


BeerMatt said...

Geoff, I've only done one long run since the marathon in Dublin last October and that was only 1hr 13. Coincidentally today I put that to rights - see todays post!

David said...

Well done Matt.
You can decant that wine into all the crystal you've won.
Please confirm was that 6 X 4 finger Kitkats or 6 X 2 finger ?

BeerMatt said...

6 x 2 fingers

Unknown said...

Pah! That doesn't count. Would you tell your mates you'd drunk 10 beers the night before if they'd all been halfs?

BeerMatt said...

Tom, you've outed me. I've been secretly drinking halves for years.