Thursday, January 01, 2015

Resolution Run 5km

Nasty conditions for this run. Wet and very windy. Did a bit of a warm-up and lined up at the start. Lots of young guns to chase so was looking forward to a decent hit-out. The race was soon underway and I found myself in the lead group of 4 running directly into the wind.

I didn't really know the course but that initial starting 800m was very tough. Then we took a left hand turn and then we had the benefit of the wind. I put in a bit of a surge to mix things up but that didn't do too much damage with the group still staying together.

Through 2km and we were running along by the canal. Wasn't feeling great here but wasn't losing any ground and then a few right turns round by the cathedral and the car park. Keith was doing most of the running by this stage and I was hanging on with Jamie also looking good. Perhaps the group was down to 3 by this stage and I know if it came down to a sprint finish I'd be in trouble!

Then the long climb up Shop St and a right turn at Eyre Square. Still not much between us all and I think I made another move around this point but as we passed 4km and took a right hand turn towards the docks. After rounding this corner I was hardly moving. A very tough head-wind and despite a big effort, being over 6ft tall and with wide shoulders I had the aerodynamics of a bus.

Keith took up the running again with Jamie in pursuit with me now in 3rd. Some traffic to deal with and we were single file down a narrow strip of road with cars queueing in traffic. A left hand turn and Keith kicked for home. Jamie went also and I was doing my best impression of a sail in third. Having resigned to finish third I rounded the last corner and detected that Jamie was slowing a bit. I put in one final sprint but Jamie responded straight away so I backed off again and wound down the last 100m to finish 3rd in 15:53. Keith took the win in 15:45 with Jamie in second in 15:49.

Great to have a race instead of a time trial and those times weren't bad going in what must have been close to gale force winds. Well done to Keith and Jamie. That gives me the kick up the behind to get back training now!

All up 10.5kms with warm-up and down.

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