Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuam 5km

Arrived with plenty of time to spare. After picking up my number I ran a few kms warm-up with John who was looking for his first sub 16. Conditions were windy - but it looked like we get the worst of it out of the way at the start of the race with the benefit of the wind coming home. So not too bad.

All the guys were there - and the usual banter at the start line. The horn suddenly sounded and I got a terrible start. That probably wasn't a bad thing though as it gave me a bit of time to settle into my running. There was a group of half a dozen or so at the front, and none of us were prepared to take it on running directly into the wind. At the km marker I checked my watch (3:13) and I wasn't happy with the split so I made a split second decision to drop the hammer. I took off like a scolded cat running flat-out with the benefit of some downhill sections and I immediately broke away. I ran hard up to 2km with a split of 2:49 and then there was the realisation that I still had another 3kms to go...

The third km was good ground but all gradually uphill. It felt tough going and I guess I'd paid for the huge burst in the previous km. At 3km (split 3:13) and feeling a little better I started to lift the pace again as the road flattened out. As we approached the main road there is a very nasty 200m climb up to the 4th km (3:10). From there on it's a lovely run home - downhill or flat. I really attacked the last 500m and crossed the line for the win in 15:23 with a 2:57 last km. New PB!

Some great times out there tonight - congrats must go to John and Owen who both broke 16 for the first time and I knew many people ran their quickest times of the series so well done if you clocked a new PB. I'm delighted with my own performance but I know there is still more to come. It may be time to get on the track to see if I can get close to the magical 15 minute barrier...

Here are a couple of photos  - one just after the start and one of me approaching the finish:

All up 12.5kms with warm-down. A couple of beers to celebrate when I got home as you never know when a PB could be your last!

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Keith S said...

love the last line, great shot too, well done Matt