Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Day

Final day of the holiday. Another repeat session - it didn't seem there was any wind today and I ran to the lighthouse about 2 minutes quicker than before (28:54). Then the threshold run on the return leg. Actually there was a bit of a breeze which you don't notice when it's on your back. Still a decent run back in exactly 4 minutes quicker than the outward leg (24:54). Overall 53:48 for 14.2kms (3:47's). The return leg was around 40 seconds slower than yesterday - but in my book it was a better run today as 3:30's into a breeze when it's close to 30 degrees is good going.

A spot of food poisoning in the evening which resulted in me driving the porcelain bus. Not pleasant. I'm blaming the shellfish and definitely not the beer....

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