Sunday, June 15, 2014


Encouraged by the run yesterday I decided I'd do the same again. This time it was a slightly different route through town to the lighthouse but pushed it all the way home on the return leg. Round numbers out in 31 minutes, home in 24 minutes. So another 7.1km in the threshold zone. All up 14.2kms in 55:42.

The watch recorded a new 5km watch PB as part of the return leg (16:45). That's 3:21 per km so ticking over nicely. Average heart rate was 145 for the final 7.1kms and I think I need to start doing more of the threshold running on the road when  I get back to Ireland.

That's 93.3kms for the week. Damage limitation whilst on holiday to counter the additional intake of food and beer. At least I managed a bit of threshold running the last few days. Hopefully fitness has at least been maintained.

And the run streak continues. I think that's 142 days now. I can't see that continuing next weekend as it's a university reunion in Headingley for the cricket. There are some big hitters in attendance so watch out the Otley Road...

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