Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Track night - 22 degrees and only a slight breeze made for good conditions. A warm-up around the pitches and a lap of the track (4.3kms) to start off.

The session was a pyramid - a short sharp session where the recoveries were generous which meant the pace had to be upped a notch. I set myself some soft targets as I wanted to get the confidence back after not feeling like I'd done myself justice in my recent racing. I thought that sub 70 for the 400's, then 3:00/km pace for the remaining efforts would be good enough - especially as the legs still felt tired.

Here's how it panned out (recoveries in brackets):

400 - 67 (60)
600 - 1:42 (75)
800 - 2:19 (2 mins)
1000 - 2:55 (2 mins)
800 - 2:19 (75)
600 - 1:40 (60)
400 - 64

Very happy with that. I really attacked the reps tonight and posted some decent times and nice to finish with quicker times in the second half of the session compared to the first. Thanks to Eamon and Paul for helping with the pacing - it makes it so much easier to have someone to hang on to.

Warm-down of 3.5kms. Very tired at the end. All up 12.4kms for the day.

Easy running now until Saturday where I'll do another session of longer reps.

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