Friday, May 17, 2013

90 minutes hard

Summer is here. A gorgeous day - warm and hardly any breeze, perfect for the session we had planned.

A 2km warm-up and then straight into it. The plan was to run 90 minutes at 3:47/km pace or better. We took off and quickly settled into a nice rhythm. After a few kms we had locked into 3:42/km pace which felt pretty comfortable. At about halfway I ditched the top (!!!). At close to 20kms in the legs were starting to get tired and running in knackered racing flats meant I could feel every scar in the road (breathing was still fine). As the 90 minutes clocked by we stopped covering 24.37kms in the 90 minutes (ave 3:42/km). That's not bad going - through the half in 1:18 so a good healthy lick. Nice to have Fintan for company - it makes this type of session so much easier. We were stride for stride the whole way.

A 2km warm-down to register 28.4kms for the day.

Out in the evening for a game of darts with the old man. I won 12-10 before the rest of the darts team came in and we mixed it up after that. A late 2am finish....

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