Tuesday, May 21, 2013

15 x 300's off increasing recovery

5.0kms warm-up.

The session tonight was something different. Sets of 300's as follows:

5 x 300's off 45 secs
4 x 300's off 60 secs
3 x 300's off 75 secs
2 x 300's off 90 secs
1 x 300

With a generous recovery of 2 and a half minutes between sets.

The aim was to start at around 5km pace, then increase the speed each set by around 3 seconds. My targets were 55's, 52's, 49's, 46's and sub 45 (red-line).

Here's how it panned out:


Started a bit too conservatively for the first 5, then really attacked the session thereafter. Was going great until the last 300 where a bit of traffic at the start of the lap cost me some time (maybe a second - would not have been sub 45). That said, very pleased with that. No doubt my hammies will be screaming tomorrow as the last 3 were pretty much flat-out. Thanks to John and Cormac for helping share the workload - a great session. I really enjoy these shorter reps.

I finished up with a slow 3.6km warm-down around the pitches. All up 13.1kms for the day. I picked up the old man on the way home who had been doing a pub crawl whilst I was at training...

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